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SNB is organised in a manner whereby professionals operate as an integrated, competent and cohesive team working to shape the firm into an entity to reckon with in the professional arena. SNB professionals are known for chipping away at a business problem till the core solution is reached. This single-minded focus on problem-solving flows from the belief systems laid down by the firm’s founders.

In order to deliver quality, time after time, SNB has a dedicated team of around 150 professionals with a diverse experience base at its offices in New Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai and Bengaluru. They may hail from backgrounds as diverse as Science, Technology, Commerce and Law, but they share a common vision – making SNB an institution to be proud of.

Each SNB Location is headed by a qualified and experienced professional well versed with each stream of the SNB Service Package. The ability to offer effective services depends, more than anything else, on the imagination and commitment of the people at SNB. Their academic excellence, experience, training as well as attitudes, have always played a key role in the development of effective solutions for all SNB clients.

The firm has two main National Level Divisions – Assurance & Business Consulting and Taxation; Accounting & Laws. Each Division is fully empowered to use allocated resources in a manner deemed fit to meet the Divisional responsibilities and the overall global objectives of client satisfaction, growth and profitability.